Privacy policy and rules for the use "cookies"

This document containing the policy of privacy and the use of cookies in the Online Shop (the "Shop") was created and approved by the Site Administrator - Robert Wiewiórski operating under the name POLTORQUE based in Tymbark 234, 34-650 Tymbark, limanowski district, Małopolska province, Tax ID: 7371894946, REGON: 121384403, registered in the Central Polish Register and Information on Business Activity kept by the Ministry of Economy, available at (hereinafter referred to as "Seller")

for the purpose of:

following legally binding rules for the processing of personal data and privacy protection of Customers using Shop Services, as well as providing customers with information on the use of cookies (hereinafter referred to as "cookies") in the Shop, as required by the provisions of the Act of July 16, 2004 - Telecommunications Law ( Journal of Laws No. 171, item 1800, as amended) in force since 22 March 2013.

1.  The Seller explains that the cookies are construed as short text files that contain information saved by the Shop computer system in Shop Customer's computer system (i.e. the computer that was used to connect to the Shop), readable only by Online Shop system. These files allow for later identification of the Customer in case of reconnecting the Shop from the computer on which they were saved.

2.  The Seller hereby informs that it collects information on the use of the Shop by its Customers and their IP addresses based on an analysis of access logs. This information is used in diagnosing problems related to the server operation, the analysis of possible security breaches and management of the web site.

3. The IP address is further used by the Seller for statistical purposes, such as the collection and analysis of demographic data of visitors to the site (for example, information about the area, where the connection originated). Seller ensures, however, that this information is in no way associated (connected) by the Seller with personal data of the Shop Customers.

4.  On the basis of the information obtained as above, periodically collective, general statistics are produced, disclosed to third parties, cooperating with the Seller. They usually include information about ratings of the Shop. These statements, however, do not contain any personally identifiable data of the Shop Customers.

5.  Service provider uses cookies for the following purposes:

a.  in order to facilitate Internet users the use of Shop resources;

b.  to adapt the services offered by the Shop and its contents to the expectations and needs of a particular customer (so-called personalization services)

c.  to monitor customer traffic in the Shop, including a comparison of the frequency of use of specific resources contained therein.

6.  Internet user by visiting the Shop has the right at any time to disable cookies. Disabling cookies is possible in your browser. Also, the Internet offers some services for switching off such services.

7.   As a rule, disabling cookies does not cause the inability to use the Shop, but it can cause some difficulties in this area, and in some cases even prevent the use of certain services provided by the Shop.

8. The Seller reserves that the Shop does not collect, monitor or verify information on the age of visitors or other, which would allow to determine whether the Customer (including recipient and e-mail list user, surveys participant) has full legal capacity (is over 18 years old).

9. People who do not have full legal capacity should not subscribe to services offered by the Shop, unless their statutory representatives agree, if such approval is sufficient under applicable law.

10. The Shop is equipped with security measures to protect the information under its control from loss, misuse or alteration. The Seller agrees to protect any information disclosed to him by the Customer in accordance with the standards of safety and confidentiality.

11. The right to access personal information of the Shop Customers has been limited in a restrictive manner, so that the information would not be obtained by unauthorized persons. Access to personal data is only granted to a limited number of authorized employees of the Seller in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection.

12. The Shop offers Customers the opportunity to opt-out of receiving the Shop newsletters. The Seller provides Customers with the option to delete personal information from its database and allows discontinuation of sending information via e-mails. This can be done by following the instructions supplied with the content of messages sent by the Shop.